Abstract Daddy

The Abstract Daddy, also known as an Ideal Father or formerly as Doorman amongst the fan community until its official name(s) were released, is a terrifying monster seen in the video game Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams.

Originally intended for Angela Orosco and representing specific moments from her past life and directly representing her father (and according to creator Masahiro Ito, potentially her brother as well), James Sunderland (the game's primary protagonist) accidentally encounters one in the Labyrinth—a large one known as Thomas Orosco—about to kill Angela. He successfully saves her from it and she beats on it heavily upon its demise, though she flees soon afterwards. Most likely due to her still being in the area, numerous smaller variants of the monstrosity appear throughout the Lakeview Hotel forcing James to continue to deal with them. However, it is possible that since James had similar sins to answer to involving beds, this was the reason he was able to see the creature and why they continued to exist around him. Even so, since the smaller variants do not attack James unless provoked, this is a very good indication that they are specifically meant for Angela alone.

It should be noted that Thomas Orosco is the more durable variant yet is slower and is encountered only once. The smaller hotel variants are significantly less durable (only taking two shotgun blasts before going down) but are also much faster.


  • They are noteworthy as the monster to reveal that the creatures can be tailored towards a specific individual and that not all monsters are the same for everyone in Silent Hill.
  • It is possible that the smaller variants represent Angela's brother, while her father is only represented as the larger mini-boss.
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