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"Aislinn has always preferred the feel of the earth over the sky, and many believe she can draw life from the ground merely by being in contact with it." — Heroes III in-game description

"Aislinn has an uncommon connection to the earth. Any time she becomes separated from it, she begins to feel uncomfortable - which is why she brings a bag of fresh soil with her everywhere she goes. Aislinn believes the worms and decay within the dirt actually talk to her." — Heroes IV in-game description

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Aislinn is a Vampire female that appears in the video game, Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia as one of the 8 heroes belonging to the Necromancer class, and again appearing in its sequel, Heroes of Might and Magic IV as one of the 29 Necromancers in this game. As such, she is associated with the Necropolis town in both games. Interestingly, despite being an obvious vampiress in Heroes III, she is very definitely a lich or skeleton in Heroes IV. This most likely indicates that she suffered some severe damage during the Reckoning that befell the planet of Enroth that led to the events of the series' fourth title.

In Heroes III, her specialty allows her to cast the spell Meteor Shower with increased effectiveness in battle. She also starts out with basic wisdom and necromancy skills.

She does not appear in any following Heroes games, leaving her fate as ambiguous. However, she did survive Heroes IV and can be assumed to still be alive due to lack of evidence to the contrary.

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