"Beany Meets the Monstrous Monster" is the first segment of the sixth episode of the first season of Beany and Cecil. It originally aired on ABC in 1962.


The episode opens with Beany's uncle Admiral Huffenpuff ordering him to summon the crew. Beany does so, and the Admiral explains that their shipping lanes are being menaced by a monstrous monster. Huffenpuff reads and shows them some photographs on the situation he got from the F.I.B. According to the photos, the beast eats whole ships like anchovies, and drinks oil tankers dry. Their mission: find the monster and destroy it. Cecil decides to go underwater to dig up some more information on the beast.

Cecil meets some fish folk, and runs into Jack the Knife, a swordfish. Cecil asks him about the monster, but Jack swims away. Cecil then meets Staring Herring until he is called over by a shark named Louie. Louie gives him some info on the hiding place of the monster. The hiding place is in the fog bank, and the monster is indeed there, and preparing his next meal. Meanwhile, Cecil returns to Beany and the rest of the crew, thinking that the whole story about a monster is just phony.

Suddenly, the monster captures Beany and the crew and the entire ship. Beany tries firing a cannon at the monster, but the beast just eats the cannonball. With Beany yelling for help, Cecil charges, but runs into a submarine. Suddenly, the sea creatures that Cecil met earlier swim in and help take care of the monster. And so, the monster swims away.

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