"The Phantom of the Horse Opera" is the third segment of the twelfth episode of the first season of Beany and Cecil. It originally aired on ABC on January 20, 1962.


The episode opens with Beany, Cecil, and the others entering Badman's Land. Captain Huffenpuff checks the map, and explains they have to go through unpassable pass, and then between withering heights and horrors heights, and past the Phantom of the Horse Opera. Beany suggests they stop for lunch. Meanwhile, the Phantom of the Horse Opera reveals himself to the audience, and it turns out he's not really a phantom. The "phantom" reveals that he has a can of invisible paint to make it appear that he and his horse are ghosts. The Phantom rides down and prepares to steal Beany and Cecil's lunch.

The Phantom soon starts playing tricks on Cecil, and kidnaps Beany afterwards. The Phantom heads to his hideout, and Cecil gives chase. Cecil finally catches up and tosses the horse away. Soon, Cecil knocks the Phantom silly and gets some invisible paint on both him and Beany. But the Phantom doesn't give in, so Cecil gets into a brawl with him. Afterwards, Cecil and Beany get the invisible paint off them.

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