The cover to the book it is featured in.

"Ghost Dog" is a spooky tale written by Ellen Wittlinger. It was published in the book Bites: Scary Stories to Sink Your Teeth Into.


The story begins when Jack and Travis are hanging out and Travis points out this old man named Hawkins. They walk past him and he asks if they had seen his dog Jessie around and Jack says he will look for her and Travis tells him not to talk to Hawkins or he will keep annoying him. The next day Jack finds Travis in the woods and they both see a dead looking dog and Travis says it's Jessie's ghost, but Jack says "Give me a break" and walks up to her and she shows her teeth and bites him. Then the bite disappears and the pain stops. The next day Travis says he is going to look for Jessie in the woods again but Jack goes to talk to Hawkins and Hawkins says that he ran over his dog Jessie and a boy named Travis like fifteen years ago. Jack then sees Travis with Jessie's ghost and tells him to leave him alone and just runs home.

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