The cover to the book it is featured in.

"Going Old School In the Age Of Obama" is a spooky story from the book Bites: Scary Stories to Sink Your Teeth Into.


Maurice is a school nerd and is always put on the penguins team aka the losers team. Coach Williams justs scraps the penguins against the big guys. Maurice's mom always tells him that he is now living in the age of Obama. Maurice has always admired Grampa Lefty, but in the middle of gym he gets a view of him and he points to Darnell Antoine, getting his socks on and tells him to go for it. But Maurice says that he is now living in the age of Obama but Grandpa Lefty says that he can live in the age of Obama in ten minutes and tells him to do it. Then Maurice goes over and sinks his teeth into Darnell.

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