The cover of the book in which the story is featured.

"I, Blooder" is a spooky story from the book Bites: Scary Stories to Sink Your Teeth Into.


Klutz is not a normal kid, he was born weird, and is a nerd in school. One night he is in Central Park reading a missing sign and Max, a jerk from school comes and finds him. Then he sees Max disappear, but finds him with other friends. Then he runs into Grigsby, one of his vampire friends and she says she has to show him something. Then they enter a lab. Klutz then enters a room and sees a giant owl and other weird creepy animals. He runs and stumbles into another room and cannot move, but he sees Grigsby working on a computer and she shows him his DNA. He is shocked but then they spot an intruder running away but they catch him and he is found out to be Max and Max says that they should live together and start a company and sell blood. But Klutz says he is a big jerk and Max walks away. But when he is a hawk comes out of nowhere and picks him up and Klutz realizes the hawk has picked up a big rat aka Max. Then Klutz admits that he is glad he is a blooder.

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