The cover of the book the story is featured in.

"Perpetual Pest" is a story included in the book Bites: Scary Stories to Sink Your Teeth Into. The story is about two boys who encounter a werewolf at a graveyard.


One night, two brothers Mark and Rudy, go to the cemetery to dig up a body of a "dead werewolf". Rudy is very brave and is not afraid of anything but Mark is very spooked by the idea. Rudy tells Mark the story about how the werewolf's name was Madame Voracia Thornhill and how she was shot by John Thornhill, her husband's brother because he thought she was murderous. When Rudy digs out the body he accidently takes the silver bullet out. Thornhill rises from her grave and kills Rudy. Mark runs for his life. When he is climbing up the fence she mauls on his left calf and he falls down. He gets up the courage to punch her, sticks the bullet back in her body and she falls to the ground dead. Mark's family is really sad about Rudy's death but they knew he wanted a way out of the world so they think he must be happy were he is now.

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