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Bold King Cole is a color Felix the Cat cartoon that was released to theaters on May 29, 1936. It was also the last Felix the Cat cartoon released to theaters.


The short opens with Felix singing a song in a tree called "Nature and Me", the sun is shining and the birds are singing. But suddenly, a storm rolls in and frightens Felix, who runs for cover. After getting struck by lightning, his head lights up like a light-bulb. Soon, Felix comes across a castle, and inside, is a king and his loyal subjects. The king reveals himself to be Old King Cole, the merry old soul. King Cole, who is known to be boastful, is telling his subjects about a time when he was surrounded and attacked by giants and not afraid of the odds against him, but when Felix knocks on the door, the sound spooks the king and his subjects, showing that King Cole is not as brave as he claims.

King Cole goes to answer the door and lets Felix in. They introduce each other, and King Cole adds that he is "not afraid of anything". Felix asks if he is scared of lightning, and King Cole denies it, saying that he was once in a storm with ten-thousand lightning bolts. This catches the attention of some ghosts in the portraits on the wall overhead. The ghosts soon make themselves known, though King Cole says that he doesn't believe in ghosts, and surround and capture the royal blow-hard. One spook puts Felix in a suit of armor so that he does not interfere with their plan, which is soon revealed as the ghosts sing a song called "You Talk Too Much".

The plan of the phantoms is to take the wind right out of King Cole and make him face his own bragging. The plan seems to work, but Felix, meanwhile, escapes from his suit of armor. However, the ghost who put him in the armor grabs him, and just before he can do anything, a bolt of lightning strikes him and makes him disappear. Felix then decides to use the lightning outside to his advantage and rescue the king. One by one, Felix makes the ghosts disappear, while King Cole slips under his restraints and takes back his wind. King Cole and Felix then both get spooked when they see two suits of armor come to life and fight each other, but it's soon revealed that mice were behind it. Afterwards, King Cole crowns Felix as prince as a reward for his bravery in rescuing and protecting him.