The rooms

The game's logo.

Boxhead: The Rooms is a game sequel to the original Boxhead Halloween. The objective is different from the previous game but the graphics are very similar.


Unlike the previous game, the objective is not to save citizens. This time, players have to defend themselves from zombies. Unlike in the previous game, the player has more than one map. The graphics didn't really change.


There are five maps from which players can choose. The maps are called Columns, Box, Bridge, Tunnels, and Tomb. Each map is harder than the previous one. With the same graphics as the previous game, there is still animated blood that splatters all over the place, and the zombies growl.


Boxhead: More Rooms was released the following year, it was the same objective except different maps, and along with the zombies, players have to fight devils, which are said to be the leaders of the zombies.


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