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Broom-Stick Bunny is a color Looney Tunes cartoon starring the popular rabbit character Bigs Bunny. It was released to theaters on February 25, 1956.


It is Halloween night, and Witch Hazel is concocting a batch of witch's brew. She then asks her magic mirror on the wall: "who's the ugliest witch of them all?" The genie in the mirror says that she is, and Hazel breaks the fourth wall and explains to the audience that she's afraid to grow prettier as she grow older, but she laughs it off. Meanwhile, Bugs Bunny is out trick-or-treating dressed as a witch. Witch Hazel notices Bugs, thinking he's a real witch, asks her magic mirror again who's the ugliest of them all, and the genie looks at Bugs and says that now he (not knowing that he is just wearing a costume) is the ugliest.

So, Witch Hazel decides to get revenge by inviting "her" inside for tea and settles on using a potion filled with an assortment of beauty enhancers. However, she realizes that her rival is a rabbit, so she decides to eat him. Bugs tries to flee, but ends up trapped after falling for a carrot lure. However, Bugs tries to use sympathy to get her to not eat him, which works when she sees some of her pet tarantula Paul in him. Bugs then brings her a cup of tea, unaware that it's her beauty potion, and Hazel drinks it and transforms into a beautiful red-headed woman. Hazel is horrified by this, and is even more horrified when the genie in her magic mirror starts chasing after her.

After Hazel flees to escape her love crazed genie, Bugs calls the local air raid headquarters to report a genie with light brown hair chasing a flying sorceress.


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