Casper and the Angels is an animated series based on and starring Casper the Friendly Ghost. It originally aired on NBC for 1 season with 13 episodes between September 22, 1979 and December 15, 1979.


Casper the Friendly Ghost is a guardian angel to two female motorcycle space officers named Mini (who is rather ditzy) and Maxi (who is a much more intelligent African-American woman with a very short temper) in the year 2179. They are joined by a rambunctious ghost named Hairy Scarey, who would scare villains and troublemakers, but unlike most other ghosts, was accepting of the fact that Casper was a gentle ghost who did not like to scare people.


  1. Casper's Golden Chance/Space Circus
  2. Casper Ghosts West/Casper's Camp Out
  3. Strike Four/The Space Pirate
  4. Ship-Wrecked/The Cat Burglar
  5. Something Fishy/The Smiling Lisa
  6. A Pocket Full O'Schemes/A Tale of Two Trashmen
  7. Fatula/T.V. or Not T.V.
  8. Gone to the Dogs/Private Eyeball to Eyeball
  9. Champ for a Day/The Ghost Robbers
  10. Aunt Mary Scarey/The Ice Heist
  11. A Shoplifting Experience/The Impossible Scream
  12. Prehistoric Hi-Jinx/The Commander Is Missing
  13. Love at First Fright/Saving Grace in Outer Space


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