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"Claws for Alarm" is a color Merrie Melodies cartoon. It was released to theaters on May 22, 1954.


While out on a trip, Porky Pig and his cat Sylvester stop at a hotel near a ghost town known as Dry Gulch for the night. Much like in Scaredy Cat, the pair are stalked by killer mice, however, these mice keep themselves hidden and watch them from a distance. Much like in Scaredy Cat, Porky is oblivious to what is going on, while Sylvester is, cowardly, trying to keep the mice from killing them. This time, however, Sylvester watches over his sleeping master with a shotgun in hand. Sylvester watches over Porky all night long, until dawn comes.

When dawn arrives, Sylvester ends his vigil, because the ghost mice are gone for now. Porky then says that he wants to continue to stay in the hotel, but this is the last straw for Sylvester. The cat clubs Porky with the back end of his shotgun, loads up the car, and drives away with a dazed and bruised Porky in the back seat.