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Costumes are a big part of Halloween.

Be what you want... or what you're scared of... or just something entertaining. Many people use Halloween as an opportunity to be what they can't or wouldn't even want to be in their normal life.

Many costumes have different variations: scary, sexy, cute, old-fashioned, heroic, or specific colors. So, although the witch costume is listed below under scary, it could have an eighteenth century version, a sexy version or a cute child's version.


Scary movie costumes include:

Traditional Scary costumes include:

Links to the stories and related costumes:


a nurse, a devil and ?



Characters from popular movies or shows... trendy, so tend to change from year to year.

Trademark characters. Cartoon characters.

General cartoon characters

Superhero characters

Peanuts cartoon characters

Harry Potter costumes

Harry Potter themed costumes - Hermione, Harry and Ginny

from the Harry Potter series

from Goosebumps

from Super Mario

from the Wizard of Oz...

from Alice in Wonderland

from the Star Wars series


R2-D2 Costume

from the Star Trek series

and many others


Oddball or not normal life

Anything can become a costume -- Halloween related, or totally unrelated. Children can dress in adult, professional clothing; adults can dress as children or teens or in professions totally unlike their everyday life. The careers may be perfectly normal, but the costumes are usually caricatures or inappropriate in some way.

Famous people


Sexy costumes are often variants of

Cassie as pumpkin

Pumpkins never looked cuter



I'm a tiger

Cute tiger!



Other holidays

See also

Other resources

There is also a (relatively empty) wiki on Halloween Costumes. And there's a Costume wikia -- mostly for homemade costumes for children. It has over 100 articles.

Anna's Halloween Costume Blog has costume ideas, picture, information about costume trends and more.

Costume gallery

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