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"The Case of the Haunted House" is the fourth episode of the first season of Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse. It originally aired in 1960.


While out on a patrol, Minute Mouse reminds Courageous Cat that Phinius Fox broke out of jail recently, though Courageous takes it as normal. Suddenly, they get a report that a prowler has been spotted by a house at fifth and main street. When the two heroes get there, they hear a spooky scream coming from inside the house. Minute thinks the place is haunted, but Courageous does not believe in ghosts. They go inside, and Minute Mouse is absolutely terrified.

Courageous decides to make him feel better by letting him walk in front with his hands on Minute's shoulders. This goes well at first, until Courageous' hands lift off of Minute's shoulders. Minute panics a bit, but soon feels hands on his shoulders, thinking it might be Courageous, and continues walking. Just when Minute starts easing his tensions and stops thinking that the house is haunted, he turns around and finds, not Courageous, but a ghost. Once Minute escapes, he finds the real Courageous. And soon, they realize that the whole thing is just a trap for them, set up by Phinius Fox.

They pursue him, but end up getting knocked out, locked in a trunk, and tossed over a cliff and into the ocean. However, thanks to his gun-saw and airplane propeller-gun, they escape. And what is more, they, quite literally, drop in on Phinius.


  • The show this episode is from was created by the creator of Batman, Bob Kane.

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