"The Case of the Haunted Ship" is the second episode of the second season of Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse. It originally aired in 1961.


The episode opens with Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse flying over the ocean in the Cat-plane. A storm rolls in, and the Cat-plane starts hitting air pockets. Suddenly, the Cat-plane crashes into a mountain, stranding the two heroes. However, they spot a ship out at sea, and find the deck empty once they climb aboard. Courageous instructs Minute to help him search the ship, top to bottom and stem to stern. Minute searches below deck, and finds no one in sight.

Minute, who is unknowingly being watched, reports back to Courageous. Courageous then says that, according to maritime law, the ship is theirs for the taking. However, they soon find that they are not the only ones aboard. A ghost suddenly appears, and Courageous recognizes it as the ghost of Red Nose, a pirate. They try to avoid the ghost, but cannot seem to escape. So they jump into a row boat and row away.

Courageous then states that there is one thing to do with a haunted ship, and that is sink it. With one of his gadget guns, Courageous sends Red Nose's ship to the bottom of the sea. However, the two heroes discover Red Nose has followed them into the row boat. So they abandon ship and swim back to the mountain where they crashed.

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