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Excellent, red crayon costume!

The crayon costume is a great one for a large group of friends. Each person can be a different color costume.

How to make

Consider the availability of clothing and poster board in the same or near colors in deciding which color crayon costume to make.

  1. Wear slacks or tights and a shirt of the same or near color, if possible. (optional)
  2. Measure the amount of board needed to go comfortably around the wearer. For a small child, 1 board may be enough, but for older children and adults, 2 boards taped together will work better. (Hint: Decorate while still flat, before step 4.)
  3. Use black marker, paint or construction paper for the logo, the decorative rings at the top and bottom and the color label.
  4. Create a tube with poster board or painted cardboard to go around the wearer's torso. Tape, staple or glue the boards together and into a tube.
  5. Cut arm holes, slits for under your shoulders and over the shoulder straps to hold the tube up as preferred.
  6. Create a conical pointed hat with the same color board. Add a chin strap if necessary, but unless that's fitted well or comfortable elastic, it's likely to be uncomfortable. Bobby pins can help hold the hat on.
  7. Optional: Face paint in the matching color.

If the group makes their costumes (at least the tube part) together, it's more likely to be consistent and look like a group.



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