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Cruel Jaws (Italian: Cruel Jaws - Fauci Crudeli) is a 1995 Italian horror film directed by Bruno Mattei under the name of William Snyder. It stars David Luther, George Barnes, Jr., and Scott Silveria. It is also known in English as The Beast and Jaws 5, although it is not an official sequel to Jaws: The Revenge.

All of the shark footage used in the movie was taken from other films, including movies from the official "Jaws" series as well as from the 1981 movie The Last Shark, itself a Jaws rip-off.

The film was not rated by the Motion Picture Association of America. It was classified as being unsuitable for children under 16 in Germany (an edited version later being approved for viewing by children 12 and older in that country) and as being unsuitable for children under 13 in Greece.


The small coastal town of Hampton Bay is threatened by a tiger shark which was bred and trained by the US Navy to attack the enemy. The town's mayor, a corrupt man with Mafia ties, has plans to develop the town as an upscale resort, which means that the local aquarium will be demolished to make way for a new hotel. The presence of the killer shark puts the mayor's plans in jeopardy and he is keen to downplay the threat it poses. The mayor is eventually forced to offer a reward of $100,000 to whoever kills the monstrous fish. Two Mafia thugs are amongst those who try to claim the reward.

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