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"Haunted" is the Halloween special of the comedy drama series Dead Like Me. It first aired on the cable channel Showtime in the United States on October 31, 2004.

Created by Bryan Fuller (who would later go on to create the pseudo-spinoff series, Pushing Daisies) and originally aired on Showtime, the series followed recently killed 18-year-old Georgia "George" Lass, who had been killed by a falling space toilet seat from the MIR space station only to be transformed into a grim reaper, specifically dealing in "outside influences". Grim Reapers, bureaucratic workmen for Death itself, take the souls of those about to die to avoid pain or metaphysical mutations (if someone's soul is not removed before their death they will appear as gruesome as they had been killed) and escort the individual(s) until they are allowed to ascend into their afterlife. They are opposed by another agent of Death, the Gravelings, creatures who cause the machinations that lead to an individual's demise.

Each episode combines both dark comedy alongside drama, merging the ridiculousness of Lass' new "job" and her sarcastic attitude about it with the grieving nature of the family she left behind (a mother, father, younger sister and free-spirited grandmother) as well as her own grief over a life left unfulfilled before her passing. It also follows her fellow band of reapers: Rube Sofer, the group's head reaper who hands out assignments and treats George as a surrogate to his long-lost daughter; Mason, who is a 1960s-era British drug addict that acts as George's surrogate older brother; Roxy Harvey, who is a no-nonsense Reaper who could be considered as the "mom" of their little Reaper family; and finally Betty Rhomer, a bright-eyed lady from the 1920s who acted as a sort of older sister for George until she was replaced with Daisy Adair, an actress who had been attempting to sleep her way to the top but never knew love herself.


It is Halloween and the reaper legend has it that the reapers can be seen as they were when alive. A serial killer stalks a neighborhood, the reapers collecting his victims as he goes, George gets the bad guy and Joy and Reggie pay a late night visit to George's grave.

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