A Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde costume could take several forms. A party-goer or trick-or-treater could choose to dress as either Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde or both at the same time.

Dr. Henry Jekyll in Robert Louis Stevenson's Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a respectable Victorian gentleman. Therefore, a Dr. Jekyll costume could consist of a formal suit with a top hat. Optional additions to the costume could include spectacles or a monocle and a cape (similar to one often worn with a vampire costume). Dr. Jekyll is described in the novella as carrying a thick, heavy walking stick (which Mr. Hyde uses to murder someone). However, a more recognizable doctor costume would probably consist of a white coat, perhaps with a stethoscope and a pocket full of tongue suppressors.

Mr. Hyde is described in the novella as being short and extremely ugly. You can let your imagination go and make your Mr. Hyde costume as monstrous as you like.

Dressing as Jekyll or Hyde works best as a pair costume. One person dresses as Jekyll and the other as Hyde. If you choose to dress as either Mr. Hyde or Dr. Jekyll on your own you will need to carry a prop that represents the formula that transforms the doctor into the monster. Otherwise, people might not know who you are supposed to be.

A more attractive and effective costume would represent Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde at the same time. A simple way to do this could be to dress as one character and carry a doll dressed as the other, or better yet attach the doll to your costume. A more complex version of the costume could be, for example, Jekyll on the left and Hyde on the right or Jekyll from the front and Hyde from the back.

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