Draculaura (originally trademarked as Ula D) is a character in the Monster High franchise who recently turned 1,600-years-old. She is voiced by Debi Derryberry and Sue Swan. Sometimes known by the nicknames Ula D or Lala, she is the pink-skinned adopted daughter of the legendary vampire, Count Dracula. Her fashion motif is bats, hearts, hairbows and lots of polka dots, and she is known to dress herself in a gothic style. She is known to adore the color pink, possibly as it is her skin tone. Her vampiric powers were not yet unlocked before she helped Elissabat in Frights, Camera, Action.

Draculaura does not like drinking blood (and is in fact squeamish about it) and considers herself a vegan-vampire, in a manner very similar to Cosgrove Hall's otherwise unrelated, late 1980s character, Count Duckula. She also abstains from eating meat, as well. She has no qualms about eating dairy products, such as ice cream, however.

Count Fabulous

Count Fabulous

She has begun dating Clawdeen Wolf's older brother, Clawd Wolf. She also has a pet bat named Count Fabulous, who, despite being a male, she enjoys dressing up "all girly-like".


She is shown to be a sweet, loving and caring and loves animals and to hang out with friends, while her favorite class at school is creative-writing. This friendliness towards others has afforded her significant popularity, and she is thereby known as one of the most popular monsters at Monster High School. She provides comic relief, such as her fainting at simply hearing the mention of "blood".


  • In the French Dub of the franchise, she is not given as much of a high pitched voice.

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