Drak Pack is an animated television series that aired on CBS on Saturday Mornings as part of the CBS Saturday Morning block. It aired between September 6, 1980 and December 20, 1980 for one season and 16 episodes.


The series centers on three young men; Drak Jr., Frankie, and Howler, who are all descendants of Count Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, and the Wolfman. To atone for their ancestor's wrongdoings, the three, united as the Drak Pack, became superheroes.

They appear initially as normal humans, but when trouble arises, they strike their right hands together and shout "Whack 'em!" This is called the Drak Whack. They then transform into a vampire, Frankenstein's monster, and a werewolf, respectively.

Their mode of transportation is an amphibious flying car called "The Drakster". The main adversary of the Drak Pack Dr. Dred, an evil blue-skinned genius who leads an organization called OGRE (The Organization of Generally Rotten Enterprises/Endeavors) which includes Toad, Fly, Mummy Man, and Vampira.

When the Drak Pack needs counsel, they go to Drak's great great uncle, Count Dracula himself.


  1. Color Me Dredful
  2. Mind Your Manners, Dr. Dred
  3. Happy Birthday, Dr. Dred
  4. Dreadful Weather We're Having
  5. Perilous Plunder of Pirate's Park
  6. Night of the Terbites
  7. Time Out for Dr. Dred
  8. Hideout Hotel
  9. Dred Goes Hollywood
  10. Dred's Photo Finish
  11. Dr. Dred Is a Shrinker
  12. A Dire Day at Dredfulland
  13. Package Deal
  14. The Grimmest Book of Records
  15. International Graffiti
  16. It's In the Bag, Dr. Dred
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