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"Ed, Edd n Eddy's Boo Haw Haw" is the Halloween special of the animated TV series Ed, Edd n Eddy. The episode's title is a play on the phrase "brewhaha", a fight or skirmish between a group of people.


Infuriated upon receiving detention at Halloween, Eddy's spirits are uplifted at the recollection of the map given to him by his brother that apparently leads to a location known as Spook-E-Ville, where the Eds are more likely to receive more candy.

Costumed as a zombie version of Elvis Presley (while Edd dresses as the bubonic plague and Ed as "Lothar the Barbarian"), Eddy decides to embark on a quest to locate Spook-E-Ville with the help of the map. However, after spending an entire day mindlessly viewing horror films, Ed's perception of everybody around him with the exception of his two closest friends is completely altered, so that he mistakes everyone around him for whatever monsters they are costumed as or whatever creatures he saw in the movies. Believing that it his mission to guard Eddy and Edd's lives, Ed attacks anyone who he mistakes for a monster, including Sarah, who he views as a vampiress, Nazz as Medusa, the Kanker Sisters as witches, Kevin as the Headless Horseman, Rolf as an ogre, Plank as "Frankenwood", Jimmy as an extraterrestrial being of some sort, and Jonny as a giant spider. In the meantime, Edd and Eddy attempt to track down Spook-E-Ville, oblivious to the reason for their friend's violent lashes at their peers.

By the end of the night it is realized that the entire concept of Spook-E-Ville was just a prank Eddy's brother had devised to deceive him and that the map leads him back to his own house, and Ed insists upon tossing his friends into a pit in an attempt to seek refuge from the supposed monsters. However, Ed's warped perception of the world leads him to believe that his friends are joyously celebrating his triumphs over the monsters, when the victims of Ed's attacks have located the boys' refuge and are attacking Edd and Eddy for their friend's aggression.


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