Eyeball Pasta

Eyeball pasta is a meal spiced up with a Halloween theme, originally conceived by BBC Good Food.

This recipe can be vegan.

To make this delicious October meal, you will need the following ingredients and supplies:

  • Mozzarella balls or, alternatively, silken tofu
  • Tomato and basil sauce
  • Stuffed green pimento
  • Black peppercorn

Cooking instructions

  1. Cook some spinach pasta. Spoon pasta over freshly made tomato and basil sauce.
  2. To add the eyes, take mozzarella balls or for a vegan alternative, use a scoop to carefully scoop out firm silken tofu. Place them on paper towels and gently pat dry.
  3. To make pupils, carefully scoop out a hole in the upper portion - be very careful as if you are using tofu it will crumble very easily. Slice stuffed green pimento olives or basil to form the iris and place them in the newly scooped out hole. Next place a black peppercorn in the center.
  4. OPTIONAL: If a bloodshot eye look is desired, add saffron threads. However they would need to be removed before eating. Eyes will still look good without them.
  5. OPTIONAL: Brush some glycerin onto the eyes to make them appear wet, like real eyes.
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