"Ghostly Concert" is the ninth episode of the first season of the "Felix the Cat" TV show. It first aired on December 1, 1958.


The episode begins at sea, where the Professor spots Felix fishing on a raft. The Professor has the ship crash into Felix's raft at full speed, and when Felix gets aboard the ship, he does not see any of the crew. Felix soon falls below deck and into the cargo hold, and spots a box that says "Do not open until Midnight". Being the curious cat that he is, Felix changes the time on a nearby clock to midnight, and opens the box. He soon spots a bunch of ghosts come out of it, and decides to sit out what they might be up to. However, the ghosts decide to play a few pranks on him.

Felix soon ends up just outside a door where a ghost comes out and tells him to be quiet. Felix looks at the door and notices that the door says "Ship's Concert", peers though the keyhole, and sees some ghosts performing in an orchestra. However, the trick is, only the sound of the metronome is heard, and not the instruments. Plus, the instruments seem to have not all the right components. The string instruments have no strings, the percussion instruments have no tarp to make the banging/booming sounds, and the brass instruments are missing their slides. Felix asks the conductor why he cannot hear any music, but the ghost shushes him.

Felix then tries the triangle, which does make a sound. But this stops the metronome and the concert, and causes the angry ghosts to surround Felix. Felix manages to evade them, but soon finds himself face to face with the Professor, who says that the ghosts are his. Soon, Felix is trapped, but manages to outwit the Professor. However, Felix ends up getting bopped and flung all over the ship, from the cargo hold to the crow's nest where a ghost elephant is waiting. Felix falls all the way down into the lowest deck on the ship and lands in a barrel of flour. Felix comes up, but his appearance frightens the ghosts, who end up jumping overboard, with the Professor. Felix dusts himself off and laughs as the episode ends.

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