Felix the Ghost Breaker is a black and white Felix the Cat short film released to theaters on January 1, 1923.


Felix is out one night and is trying to find a place to sleep and ends up staying in a graveyard. But Felix cannot seem to sleep because a ghost keeps waking him up. The ghost flies out of the graveyard, and heads toward a nearby farm. Felix goes after him, and witnesses it scare the animals in the barn and the farmer sleeping inside out of the house. Before the farmer flees, he calls the police and tells them what is going on. However, the police get scared out, so Felix tells the farmer that he will get rid of the ghost, saying that he is a "regular ghost breaker". Once he goes inside, he confronts the specter. He spots a bottle of rum and lures the ghost out of the house with it. Once outside, Felix points a revolver at the ghost, and the sheet comes off to reveal that the "ghost" was actually a man, possibly a banker or someone who wants to buy the land, disguised as a ghost. The farmer then has the donkey kick the man far into the distance.


  • This short is the first ever demonstration of paranormal investigation and elimination, later known as ghostbusting.
  • The ending of the short is reminiscent of the ending of episodes of a show and all of its incarnations that would appear years later, Scooby-Doo.
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