"Leading skeletons? Fighting zombies? I've never done this!
Do not fear, m'lady, you can't become a ghost twice!" -- Fiona and Skelton, Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes

Empress Fiona Unicorn (~910 - 929 YSD, 954 - 969 YSD) was the daughter of Lord Edric Unicorn of the Unicorn Duchy. She was killed but returned 25 years later a ghost, leading the undead armies of Heresh as a necromancer.


Fiona was born to Lord Edric of the Unicorn Duchy and an unknown lady sometime around the year 910 YSD. She had two siblings, Aidan and Godric.

At some point during her youth she traveled with her family to the nation of Irollan for a celebration only to find themselves ambushed by Demons from Sheogh. During the attack she sustained mortal wounds and even though she escaped through a portal, she was accidentally transported to Heresh, where she died of her wounds. Perhaps because of her dying in necromancer territory, she found herself in undeath in the form of a ghost.

During these formative undead years, she met a former knight of the Holy Griffin Empire turned skeleton named, coincidentally enough, Sir Skelton when she saved him from a group of zombies that were harassing him. Out of thanks he leant her some of his own forces to better bolster her own and then pointed her the necromancer Markal, who he believed might be able to restore her to life.

Although she made contact with Markal on a number of occasions, their consistent encounters were interrupted by the arrival of Ludmilla and her demon armies. Determined, Fiona defeated Ludmilla and succeeded in having the Death Cult Ritual used upon her, restoring her to her true, human, life.

Some time later, Fiona was captured by the wizard Azh Rafir within the Silver Cities, only to be rescued by his own daughter, Nadia.

Eventually, Fiona found herself marrying King Alexei Griffin, uniting the Griffins and the Unicorns and making her empress of the entire Holy Griffin Empire. This union produced a male heir to the throne, Prince Nicolai. She attempted to have Azh Rafir brought before the council and tried for his crimes during her queendom, but this attempt failed. Ultimately she died via unknown means, though they were certainly not through natural causes as she had only been alive this second time for 15 years at this point, making her only 34 at the time of her final demise. It can be assumed that Markal had a hand in her death, as he was known to have taken her skull and carry it with him wherever he would travel.


  • Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes (first appearance)
  • Heroes of Might and Magic V (mention only)

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