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"Ghost of a Chance" is the twenty-third episode of the first season of Four Feather Falls. It first aired on the ITV network in the United Kingdom on July 28, 1960.


The episode opens in the Eureka Silver Mine office, where a business deal is taking place. The person looking to buy the mine, Mr. Harman, is asking five-thousand dollars, but the owners are asking for twenty-thousand. Harman tries bribery with the man arranging the deal, Mr. Jackson, but it doesn't work. He loudly says the words "Ghost of a chance", signaling to two men outside to get to work. They disguise themselves as ghosts and give Joe, the watchman, a real fright.

Turns out, the two men are working for Harman, who has offered them one-thousand dollars to do the job. Harman's plan is to make the mine seem haunted, so that he can get it for cheap. Meanwhile, the watchman enters the saloon and tells his boss about what happened. However, Jackson doesn't believe him, so he goes with his supposed grandpa. When they get there, they hear the hired "ghosts" humming a tune.

Soon enough, they see the ghosts and run for their lives. The next day, Jackson puts up a sign offering a two-thousand dollar reward for anyone who can get rid of the ghosts. However, Zeke the dog gets wind of the two hired ghosts discussing what transpired and their reward for doing the job. Zeke then heads to Sheriff "Two Gun" Tex and tells him what he heard. That night, the hired ghosts notice someone coming and get into costume, until they realize it's Jackson. Suddenly. Jackson is held at gunpoint by Mr. Harman, who says that he's going to get the Eureka Silver Mine.

Mr. Harman tells him to either make a deal or die, but Jackson won't make a deal. Gunshots are then heard, which startles the "ghosts". However, Mr. Jackson wasn't the one who got shot, it was warning shots coming from Tex. With Harman at gunpoint, Tex tells him to get out of his sight. Meanwhile, the "ghosts" are in disappointment because their "money" is actually bottle caps. Once one of the men spots Harman, he gives chase for being double-crossed, while Harman runs for his life.