Fraidy Cat is a color Tom and Jerry cartoon that was released to theaters on January 17, 1942.


The short opens with Tom the cat listening and reacting to a ghost story told on a scary radio program called Witching Hour. Jerry the mouse soon comes in and watches Tom's reactions, including his sigh of relief when the program ends and his nodding head when the hostess asks the listeners if they believe in ghosts. Jerry decides to use Tom's fear of ghosts to his advantage and scare the fur off of Tom. This ploy works, that is until Tom learns that it was just Jerry behind it. Tom chases the mouse, but the resulting noise wakes up Mammy Two-Shoes, who thinks the noise might be a burglar. Tom then mistakes Mammy for a ghost that Jerry set up and pounces, only to be bopped by Mammy Two-Shoes' rolling pin. The short ends with Jerry, who was hiding in a flour container, scaring himself when he sees his flour-covered reflection.


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