Frankenstein's Cat is a color Super Mouse/Mighty Mouse cartoon that was released to theaters on November 27, 1942. The cartoon was not recognized as a "Mighty Mouse" cartoon until it was altered for television.


The short opens in a field on a mid-summer day, and all the mice and birds are celebrating because it has been a full year since they were attacked by a cat. However, trouble is brewing at the home of Dr. Frankenstein. Specifically, his cat, which looks somewhat like his monster, only in cat form. Soon, a baby bird that was carried off by the wind winds up at Frankenstein's castle. The cat gives chase, following the baby bird all the way back to the field. The emergency alerts Super Mouse/Mighty Mouse, who crashes through the drawbridge of the castle and fights the bats that greet him inside. Mighty Mouse soon beats Frankenstein's cat in a duel and uses his x-ray vision to find the baby bird inside the stomach of the monster cat. Though Frankenstein's cat tries to escape, Mighty Mouse knocks his head off and saves the baby bird.

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