Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger (full name Frederick Charles Krueger), also known as The Springwood Slasher is a fictional horror character who appears in the 1984 movie A Nightmare on Elm Street, its sequels and the remake of the movie which was released in 2010, he is played by Robert Englund in all the films, except for the remake, he's played by Jackie Earle Haley in the remake.

Fictional character biography

Freddy Krueger was a mass murderer who liked to torture and murder children during his lifetime. When the parents of the murder victims found out what he did, they burned him to death out of vengeance after he was set free due to a legal technicality. However, unknown to them, Freddy made a deal with the dream demons, and became even more dangerous after his death. Freddy was given the power to hurt children in a place where their parents cannot protect them, in their dreams.

Freddy is able to enter children's dreams and harm them, usually with his signature glove. He is able to find out or even sense his victim's biggest fear and manipulate them with that. Whatever he does to the victims in their dreams also physically affects them in real life. This includes death, if he succeeds in killing them in their dreams. Although his intended victims can defeat him, each time he seems to return stronger than ever, and the techniques formerly used on him no longer appear to work.


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