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Screenshot from the episode.

The One With the Halloween Party is a Halloween episode from the TV comedy Friends. It was originally aired in the United States on November 1, 2001.


The episode begins with Monica and Chandler Bing telling their friends about the Halloween party which they are having, which everyone is invited to. The group of friends accept the invitation.

Before the party, Phoebe Buffay bumps into her twin sister Ursula. Ursula tells Phoebe that she is getting married next week, and invites her to her wedding. In return, Phoebe invites her and her fiancé to the party.

At the party, Chandler is upset because Monica made him wear a pink bunny costume. However, he becomes less ashamed of it, when Monica's brother Ross Geller comes wearing a potato and antennae as his costume, calling himself "Spudnik" after the Russian satellite.

When Ursula and her fiancé Eric arrive, Phoebe learns that they have only met two weeks earlier. She also finds out that Ursula lied about everything to Eric, including saying that she is a teacher who is in the Peace Corps. Phoebe at first does not tell Eric the truth, but eventually she cannot stand it anymore, and tells Eric, who in turn decides to break off the engagement.

Meanwhile, Rachel Green, who is pregnant, decides to practice being with children, by giving out the candy to the trick-or-treaters. However, the first child who comes, Rachel bores by telling her a story about fashion. The second child tells Rachel that she loves her, which makes Rachel give her the entire bag of candy. Due to the fact that they have no candy, Rachel has to start giving out money instead, and when she runs out of money, she starts writing checks. When Rachel gets more candy, the children beg her for more money, instead of candy. When Rachel refuses, she gets into a fight with a little boy, who she makes cry. This causes Rachel to become upset, realizing she is bad with children. However, her friend Joey Tribbiani comforts her, saying that children are more difficult on Halloween night.

Meanwhile, Phoebe and Monica discuss who could win in a fight, Ross or Chandler. They both agree it is Ross, but Chandler wants to prove them wrong. The two have an arm-wrestling match, to see who is stronger. This match goes on for a long time, until Ross asks Chandler to let him win, saying it will make him look good. Chandler reluctantly agrees, but when he tells Monica that he let Ross win, she does not believe him.

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