Geogie cover

Front cover of an edition of Georgie.

Georgie is a forty-two page children's picture book by the American writer and illustrator Robert Bright. It was first published in 1944.

The story's title character is a little ghost. Georgie is not only harmless and non-threatening but who also provides a useful service to the people who and animals that live in and around the house that he haunts by letting them know that night has come. When some repairs are made to the house, Georgie is no longer able to make his presence known by making noises. He therefore decides to leave.

An audio version of Georgie was released on record and cassette by Scholastic in 1968. A short animated film based on the book was produced by Weston Woods Studios in 1980.

Robert Bright wrote a further thirteen picture books about Georgie the ghost that were first published between 1956 and 1983.


Mr. and Mrs. Whittaker live in a small house in a village in New England. Their house is also home to a small ghost named Georgie. At the same time every evening, Georgie makes one of the stairs creak and makes the parlor door squeak. When they hear those noises, Mr. and Mrs. Whittaker know that it is time to go to bed and their cat Herman knows that it is time to prowl. Miss Oliver the owl, who lives outside the Whittakers' house, knows that it is time to wake up when she hears Georgie's noises.

After Mr. Whittaker does some repairs to the house, the stair no longer creaks and the parlor door no longer squeaks. Georgie is no longer able to make any noises. As a result, Mr. and Mrs. Whittaker no longer know when it is time to go to bed, Herman no longer knows when it is time to prowl and Miss Oliver no longer knows when it is time to wake up. having nothing to do, Georgie decides to leave.

Georgie looks for another house to haunt. He finds, however, that nearly all of the other houses in the village already have a resident ghost. The only house that does not have one belongs to an unpleasant old man named Mr. Gloams. Georgie moves into Mr. Gloams' house but soon leaves because he is unhappy there. He takes refuge in a barn, which is home to a cow that pays no attention to him.

there is a lot of rain and snow that winter. The dampness gets into the Whittakers house. It rusts the hinges of the parlor door and makes the stair creak again. When Herman discovers this, he tells Miss Oliver. She flies to Georgie and tells him the news. Georgie moves back into the Whittakers' house and everything is as it was before.

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