Ghost Wanted is a color Merrie Melodies cartoon. It was released to theaters on August 10, 1940.


The short opens with a little ghost reading a book titled How to Haunt Houses. After trying a few haunting positions, he reads the Haunt Ads in the Saturday Evening Ghost newspaper. He finds an ad that does not require any experience in haunting, and the location is 1313 Dracula Drive. He arrives and finds the house on a mountain, but when he enters to try out, he ends up getting terrorized by a bigger ghost.

Though the bigger ghost is actually interviewing the little one for the position, he terrorizes him in three ways. The first is the traditional "Boo" approach, the second is sending the little ghost a Ghostal Telegraph that reads "Boo" (making it a spin on the first approach), and the third is dropping a lit firecracker that resembles an M-80 that the little ghost barely runs away from. However, the bigger ghost's plans backfire when a firecracker he has in his back pocket gets lit and sends him flying through the house after the little ghost and into a well somewhere outside the haunted house.


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