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Ghostface, also known as Father Death, is a serial killer who appears in the 1996 film Scream and its four sequels. He carries an 8-inch Buck-120 hunting knife for a weapon.

People often wear Ghostface costumes for Halloween and his image is used for decorations. The character was also directly parodied in the 2000 film, Scary Movie.

Fictional character biography

Ghostface holding his beloved Buck-120.

Unlike most serial killers, Ghostface is not one specific person. Ghostface is an identity used by killers when they want to go on a killing spree. The killer puts on the Ghostface costume and he (or she) becomes Ghostface. Taking on the identity of Ghostface gives the person the ability to change his or her voice so that it cannot be recognized (indicating that the mask or masks likely come with attached voice modulators). Due to the fact that Ghostface is not specifically one person, his/her motive for killing can differ for each time he/she kills.

Ghostface was originally created by Billy Loomis in Scream to get revenge on the man his mother had an affair with. Following this, many others took on the Ghostface identity to kill.


The revamped mask as it appears in the 2015 TV series.

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