Ghoulies poster

The film's poster.

Ghoulies is a film released in March 1985 starring Mariska Hargitay as Donna in her film debut, as well as Peter Laipis. It would produce three sequels: Ghoulies II in 1988, Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go to College in 1991, and finally Ghoulies IV in 1994.

The film involves black magic, Satanism, demons (the "Ghoulies"), and the occult in general.


Behind the scenes

Originally expected to be directed by Charles Band with special effects aid by Stan Winston in 1983 under the title "Beasties", it ultimately would be directed by Luca Bercovici and the special effects would instead be handled by Mechanical and Makeup Imageries, Inc.

Band claims to have been tasked with coming up with a successful campaign to properly promote the film, eventually coming up with the idea of having a Ghoulie pop up from a toilet. This idea would prove iconic for the franchise, and was considered a huge success to those also working on the project. However, after opening weekend he arrived at his office to a stack of hate mail from angry parents: The general consensus was that they had been potty training their young children and now could not get them to go near a toilet.

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