Gibdo Art ALttP

The Gibdo are a group of mummified undead, animated through dark magics either intentionally or unintentionally. For unknown reasons, Gibdo are remarkably durable and strong. However, should one possess fire-based weaponry or magics, they can usually burn away the Gibdo's bandages to reveal the ReDead or Stalfos that lies beneath.

Not only are Gorons and Deku immune to their attacks (being too large and too small to strike, respectively), but they also harbor an intense disliking for a song known as the Farewell to Gibdos, which will drive them fleeing back into the grounds from whence they came.

Like ReDeads, Gibdos appear to be interred into the soil in a culturally-significant funeral custom, which gives them a Mummy-like appearance. Although they have been known to appear in other locations, they are notable for appearing in the Gerudo Desert, which indicates that these undead creatures may primarily or entirely be made up of the remains of former Gerudo, an almost-all-female Amazonian race which the dark lord Ganondorf originates from. Strangely, despite being almost exclusively corpses to begin with before reanimation, Pamela's Father is direct evidence that an individual can also be cursed by them in a manner similar to Skulltulas, leading to them becoming Gibdos themselves.


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