The Gideon Graves costume is a Halloween costume based on the character Gideon Gordon Graves from the graphic novel, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and the arguably better-known 2010 hit film. He is the main antagonist of both the novel and the movie, and is one of Ramona's seven evil exes that Scott Pilgrim has to battle.

This costume is fairly easy to build. Someone planning on wearing this for Halloween should frequent local thrift stores first, as all of these required items could be found there. A list of costume parts are as follows:

  1. Black dress pants
  2. Black rimmed glasses -- If you already own these as a pair of prescription lenses, you are in luck. Otherwise you can find glasses at thrift stores, although you may need to remove the lenses to be able to properly see. Non-prescription glasses can be found in certain stores, as they are considered to be fashionable.
  3. Black shoe laces -- You will only need these if the shoes you obtain do not have black laces already. For the more precision-conscious wearer, look for rounded shoelaces instead of flattened.
  4. Black neck tie
  5. Black buttons -- Like the shoe laces, these will only be necessary if the suit you obtain does not already have black buttons. The less precision-conscious dresser can also ignore these if they so choose. Using these will require some level of sewing skill on the level of either the wearer or a helper, such as a parent.
  6. Dark red dress shirt
  7. White one-button blazer
  8. White oxford tuxedo dress shoes


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