The Glowy Zoey costume (also known as the LED Stick Figure Costume) is a light-up costume that works as a safe outfit to wear on Halloween during trick-or-treating, but also glows brightly enough to light the area around the wearer, as well - thus lighting the path in front of the wearer and anyone traveling with them. Consisting of a full body LED suit, it turns the wearer's silhouette into a glowing stick figure. It is sold in a variety of colors (purple, green, white, blue, and red), sizes (toddler, child, and adult), and with optional "mouse ears" as worn by the original Zoey.

According to the creators, it has been tested to survive powerful winds (tested via skydiving) and in -20°F winter temperatures. It runs the lights off of either 8 AA batteries or a rechargeable battery pack.

The costume gained national attention in the United States after the YouTube video featuring the original custom costume was viewed 22 million times in 2016, leading to it being reported on by various news and late night talk show sources.

Do it yourself!

As the official costume may be pricey to some families, a version of the suit could be produced at home. It is suggested to use a full-body black morphsuit in lieu of the actual costume's suit, although this will not be warm and the wearing must be careful risking exposure to cold. As LED light strings could be difficult to keep powered on the body, parents can also consider using reflective tape or similar material, or glow-in-the-dark paint.

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