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Goober and the Ghost Chasers is an American animated series that originally aired on ABC between September 8, 1973 and December 22, 1973. It ran for one season, with 16 episodes.


Similar to Hanna-Barbera's successful Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!, Goober and the Ghost Chasers also features a team of teenagers (Ted, Gilly, and Tina) solving spooky mysteries with their Afghan Hound-like dog, Goober. The Ghost Chasers use their equipment from the Apparition Kit (such as the Specter Detector, Poltergeist Powder, etc.) when it comes to determining whether the ghost is real or not. The major differences between this and Scooby-Doo were that the ghosts they eventually find are real and would help in defeating the fake ones. Some of the people behind the masks of the fake ghosts aren't criminals. Goober had the power to turn invisible, but couldn't control it, and his human companion is reckless instead of cowardly. Also, unlike Scooby-Doo, Goober can speak more clearly, but only speaks to break the fourth wall with a comment aimed at the viewers; otherwise, he merely barks.

In eight of the first eleven episodes, The Partridge Kids (from The Partridge Family) were regular cast members, with their live action counterparts providing the voices. However, after the eleventh episode, they were no longer on the show, instead replaced by other guest stars.


  1. Assignment: The Ahab Apparition
  2. Brush Up Your Shakespeare
  3. The Galloping Ghost
  4. The Singing Ghost
  5. The Ghost Ship
  6. Mummy Knows Best
  7. The Haunted Wax Museum
  8. Aloha Ghost
  9. The Wicked Witch Dog
  10. Venice Anyone?
  11. Go West Young Ghost, Go West
  12. A Hard Day's Knight
  13. Is Sherlock Holme?
  14. That Snow Ghost
  15. Inca Dinka Doo
  16. Old McDonald Had a Ghost - EI EI EEYOW

Guest stars

  • The Partridge Kids
  • Michael Gray
  • Sherlock Holmes

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