Goosebumps: Night of Scares is a mobile game released by Three Range Games. The game serves as a tie in to the Goosebumps movie. It has been rated well on Google Play and iTunes.


Slappy has escaped from his book. The player must collect the pages of the Night of the Living Dummy manuscript, to trap Slappy back in and end the night of darkness.


The following monsters will try to hunt the player down as the manuscript pages are collected. If the player gets caught by one of them, a jump scare will happen.

  • Slappy: Once all the pages are collected, Slappy must be trapped back inside the book. The player must make sure the lights are on when going after him, or else he will strike.
  • Graveyard Ghoul: The basic enemy of the game. They are slow and not too smart, so it is easy to outrun them.
  • Lawn Gnomes: there are three different types of Gnomes. Ones with blue hats steal pages. Ones with yellow hats can turn off the lights. Ones with red hats kill the player. They are the only enemy that you can kill, they should therefore be destroyed if possible.
  • Annihilator 3000: an enemy that shines it's red beam. If the player gets caught in it, it means death.
  • The Werewolf of Fever Swamp: A very fast enemy and very hard to avoid. The player should try to hide if the Werewolf is encountered.
  • Murder the Clown: The player should keep an eye out for him. He can hide in certain places with the player so he can strike.
  • Fifi the Vampire Dog: She cannot kill the player, but she barks and causes the Werewolf to chase after the player. The player should just hit her if she barks.
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