Charlie Brown pumpkin patch

Linus and Sally waiting for the Great Pumpkin

The Great Pumpkin visits the "most sincere" pumpkin patch each year at Halloween, before rising up and delivering toys to all the good children of the world -- at least according to the Peanuts character Linus van Pelt.

Linus believes in the Great Pumpkin like others believe in Santa Claus. Linus initially seems to have confused Halloween with Christmas, searching for pumpkin cards in the store and wanting to go out and sing pumpkin carols with his friends.

Interestingly, the Great Pumpkin has grown beyond the Peanuts world, and while not many people go looking for the most sincere pumpkin patch, there are carols (see Children's Halloween songs) and stores carry Halloween greeting cards and other decorations that parallel Christmas and other holidays.

The other Peanuts characters give Linus a hard time about his belief in the Great Pumpkin. And in the TV special, You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown (1972), Linus loses credibility and almost loses the election because he chooses to speak about the Great Pumpkin in his candidate's speech making his entire audience laugh at him.

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