Gypsy Life is a color Mighty Mouse cartoon that was released to theaters on August 3, 1945.


The short opens with a caravan of gypsy mice riding across the countryside, singing the song "Gypsy Life". That night, a female gypsy mouse dances to the music of a violin being played by a male gypsy mouse. All the while, a vampire-like cat-bat creature watches from a distance. After the performance, the monster goes to his cave home to tell the others about what he spotted, and encourages them to follow him so they can catch the mice before they can get away. Back at the gypsy camp, the cat-bat creatures strike, and one tries to isolate the female gypsy dancer. Meanwhile, Mighty Mouse rushes in at the sounds for help. One cat-bat creature corners the dancer, but she warns him that Mighty Mouse is on the way, which he is. Mighty Mouse rescues the gypsy, and receives a thank you kiss as a reward.

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