Hair-Raising Hare is a color Merrie Melodies cartoon featuring the popular rabbit character Bugs Bunny. It was released to theaters on May 25, 1946.


The short opens on a dark night in the forest, and Bugs Bunny is heard singing "Sweet Dreams, Sweetheart". Bugs pops up out of his rabbit hole and breaks the fourth wall by asking the audience if they ever felt like they were being watched. However, he is being watched by an evil scientist (who looks somewhat like Hollywood actor Peter Lorre). He plans to catch the rabbit so he can feed it to his large, orange-haired, sneaker-wearing monster. The scientist lures Bugs into the castle with a robotic female rabbit.

Once Bugs realizes he was tricked, he heads for the door, but the scientist wants to introduce him to his monster. Though Bugs tries to get rid of the scientist and succeeds, Bugs must then start worrying about the monster. Bugs is chased throughout the castle by the beast, and it seems that there's no chance to escape. So, Bugs tries fooling and outwitting the beast. After escaping the monster three times, Bugs reveals his fear of people, which causes the beast to run though the backgrounds of the cartoon.

Afterwards, as Bugs is about to leave, the robot rabbit returns. And together, they head off-screen.


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