Last year, we had the Halloween 2009 Project to get this wiki started. It had only the standard, starter set of articles before the project. By Halloween, it had over 35 articles with a good list of costume ideas, some more about some of the costumes and some activities. This year, let's build on that. Could you help us? By Halloween 2010, let's have


  • over 50 articles (currently at 1,632 articles; 46 articles on Oct 18) Over 50 - goal met. 68 articles as of the night of Halloween 2010!
  • over 100 costume ideas; looks like we got to 89 on the list (as of the night of Halloween 2010)
  • at least 10 recent contributors (according to the statistics, we've had 5 recent contributors, that is in the past 30 days, as of Oct 22; up to 8 as of the night of Halloween 2010)


So, while we didn't achieve all three goals, we went beyond the first and came near the 2nd and 3rd. And more importantly, the wiki is in much better shape than it was a month ago. While the development can continue throughout the year, it's likely to pick-up intensity near Halloween 2011. Do you have suggestions for a Halloween 2011 project?

Halloween 2010

A 2010 logo for Halloween.