Halloween Hall o' Fame is the fifth episode of the 25th season of The Wonderful World of Disney. It originally aired on NBC on October 30, 1977.


A watchman at the Walt Disney Studios is seen working late on Halloween night with his dog, Peanuts. Though he's bitter about working on Halloween, he stumbles across the prop room and starts acting out scenes from different movies. Eventually, he finds a crystal ball, and inside is a talking jack-o-lantern. Turns out that the Jack-o-lantern is hiding from Halloween, claiming its not as scary as it used to be back in the olden days. The dialogue between the talking pumpkin and the watchman is interspersed with four Halloween-related Disney cartoons, including Trick or Treat, Lonesome Ghosts, Pluto's Judgement Day, and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, specifically the scenes where Brom tells the story of The Headless Horseman, Ichabod's trip through the Hollow, and the chase by the Headless Horseman. After all the cartoons, the watchman provokes the Jack-o-lantern to come out and celebrate the spookiest night of the year. However, the talking pumpkin uses his magic powers to put the watchman in his place while he heads out of the studio laughing, with intentions to mix and mingle with the trick-or-treaters.

Featured cartoons

  • Trick or Treat (1952)
  • Lonesome Ghosts (1937)
  • Pluto's Judgement Day (1935)
  • The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1949)


  • Jonathan Winters played both the watchman and the jack-o-lantern.
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