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Repeated failure to follow any of these rules may result in a temporary block. Users who continue to indulge in the same behavior that led to the block after it has expired may receive a longer or permanent block.

  • This wiki is about the holiday of Halloween and topics related to it. Articles considered irrelevant to Halloween Wiki or beyond its scope will be deleted on sight.
  • This wiki is written in American English. Articles written in languages other than English will be deleted on sight.
  • Articles may be deleted if they are considered to be uninformative due to being very short or if they are badly written to the point of being incomprehensible. Articles on topics about which there is simply not much to say or about which little information is available may be deleted or merged into larger existing pages.
  • All contributions you make to Halloween Wiki should be written in your own words. Do not copy text from Wikipedia, IMDb, other wikis, other websites, the backs of books, DVD or VHS boxes or anywhere else. Do not add the complete lyrics of any songs that are still under copyright to pages.
  • Articles should have more text than images. There should not be more than three copyrighted images on a page. You can, however, add as many public domain or free-to-use images as you like. All of the images, videos and sound files on Wikimedia Commons are also available right here, giving us access to an enormous amount of public domain and free-to-use media.
  • Do not use this wiki for self-promotion. Spam will not be tolerated and spammers will be blocked.
  • Do not add information that you know to be false to pages. Do not write about products or media that only exist in your imagination as if they were real.
  • Do not recreate any deleted pages without first discussing it with at least one of the administrators and gaining his or her approval.
  • Do not edit war. If you have any disagreements with other users, discuss them on the relevant article's talk page. Edit warring may result in one or both editors involved being blocked.
  • Be civil. Even if you disagree with other users, do not insult them. Do not insult other users based on their nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability or age. Use of slurs of any kind will not be tolerated and may lead to an immediate and permanent block. Harassment of other users will not be tolerated.
  • Follow the advice of administrators and other more experienced editors. This includes advice that is directly given to you on your talk page and article talk pages as well as advice in edit summaries and reasons for deletion. If an administrator tells you to stop doing something, stop doing it.
  • Vandalism will not be tolerated and will invariably result in a block. The block may be temporary or permanent depending on the severity and extent of the vandalism and on the user's prior conduct.
  • Users who are known to have threatened cross-wiki vandalism elsewhere may be pre-emptively blocked here.
  • Users with obscene or offensive user names and/or obscene or offensive avatars will be blocked on sight.