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Danger ahead warning.

Halloween has many pretend dangers, but there are also some real hazards. This article provides some Halloween safety tips.

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Halloween presents many fire hazards. First, many people burn candles. Sometimes they leave burning candles unattended, like in jack-o-lanterns. Some people also burn bonfires.

Then there are the decorations, many of which are extremely flammable, such as haystacks, paper and cardboard cut-outs, or streamers made of paper or cloth.


Costumes can be too light, may be flammable, or too tight. Too tight costumes can increase risk of choking. For safety, never use a costume twice.

  • Make sure that there is good visibility. Any mask or hood should have good eye holes and be secured so it won't slip and block the wearer's vision.

Sharp knives

(For instance to carve pumpkins)

Children out after dark

Children out in the twilight and dark, sometimes in dark costumes and walking down the street could be kidnapped. Make sure that your child does not knock on doors of strangers, new neighbors, or single neighbors with no children of their own. To increase safety, have your children equipped with cell phones or other contact devices.

  • Children should travel in groups. A responsible adult should go with younger children.
  • Flashlights (also known as torches) or lanterns should be carried and used to see the path.
  • Reflective or light clothing or other items such as glowing jewelry should be worn so children can be seen clearly by drivers.


Running in the dark, unfamiliar neighborhoods, or long costumes may result in injury. Make sure that your costumes are the right sizes. Do not run if it has rained recently, and be familiar with where you are going.

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