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Hellraiser: Bloodline is the fourth film in the Hellraiser film series. It was the final film in the franchise to be released theatrically, with the remaining sequels being direct-to-video. The film was released in 1996.


Paul Merchant tells the story of the Lament Configuration, beginning when it was invented by a toy maker named Phillip Lemerchant in 1784, but a warlock made the box a gatway to Hell. In the year 1996, Angelique summons Pinhead and they try to make John Merchant finish his work. The final battle in this bloodline's two decade fight takes place in 2127.


  • Doug Bradley as Pinhead
  • Bruce Ramsey as Paul Merchant/ John Merchant/ Phillip Lemerchant
  • Valentina Vaargas as Angelique
  • Kim Myers as Bobbi
  • Adam Scott as Jaqukies
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