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Hellraiser: Hellseeker is the sixth film in the Hellraiser film series, released in 2002.


Kirsty dies in a car accident, her husband Trevor is devastated, but then he begins experiencing hellish realities, and people are telling Trevor that he did stuff that he thinks he never did, including a plot to kill Kirsty to receive her enharetence, when Pinhead appears, he informs Trevor that Kirsty wasn't the one who was killed, it was actually Trevor who died in the accident, after Kirsty made a deal with Pinhead after Trevor forced Kirsty to open the box, that Kirsty would exchange five souls in exchange for her own to Pinhead, Trevor was on of the five souls that Kirsty gave to Pinhead in their deal.


  • Doug Bradley as Pinhead
  • Dean Winters as Trevor Gooden
  • Ashley Laurence as Kirsty Cotten Gooden

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